MSIA 2020 Board Voting - for 4 Directorships

Votes to be lodged by 19 November 2020 prior to AGM on 24 November 2020

All financial full MSIA members are entitled to one vote per company. This year the roles of President, Vice President Secretary and Treasurer are uncontested. There will be an election for the 4 remaining Directorships for which we have 5 nominations.

Robert Best will continue as President, Craig Porte as Treasurer and Lorraine Pyefinch as Secretary. David Freemantle has retired after 2 terms as Vice president and many years as a Director. The MSIA and all members are very grateful to you for your service David.

The MSIA congratulates the continuing Office Bearers. Current Director Tony Taddeo has nominated for Vice-President. As the only nominee for this role, Tony is uncontested and will be the Vice-President.

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Voting for the 4 MSIA Directors - 5 nominations

Existing Directors Peter Birch (Metaoptima), Philip Loya (Cerner) & Tania Oldaker (Telstra Health) have all nominated.

In addition James Neville (Fred IT) and Deana Scott (VMore) have nominated for the first time

The candidates are listed on the ballot alphabetically and their pictures and bios are below the ballot boxes.

Please mark 4 of the 5 nominees with an X

The Returning officer will be checking that only one vote is received from each company and that the votes are in order according to the MSIA Constitution. In the event that more than one vote is received by a member company, then the first vote lodged will be counted but not subsequent votes from the same company.

No Start-Up Companies are entitled to vote.

The results will be announced at the AGM on 24 November 2020. 

To vote, please enter your contact details below.

MSIA 2020 Board Voting

To vote, please complete your details below.
  • Vote 4 of the 5 Director nominees by placing an X by the names of your 4 preferred candidates

MSIA Director Nominees

Peter Birch

Peter Birch

Peter Birch is currently General Manager and company director at MetaOptima Technology Australia Pty Ltd, a company making intelligent technology to help doctors diagnose skin cancer using AI/ML.  Under Pete's leadership, the company established a strong presence in the skin cancer GP market across Australia quickly, signing contracts with all major GP groups across the country. MetaOptima was announced as the inaugural winner of the MSIA "Best Emerging Member Company" award in 2019.

Pete is also host of the Talking HealthTech podcast, showcasing conversations with key players and influencers within the Australian healthtech community.

Pete is a current and proud board member of the MSIA.  He is passionate about sharing stories and collaboration within the industry, and fascinated by the practical use of technology to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs to the system within Australia.

Philip Loya


As the Lead Solution Strategist of Cerner Asia Pacific, Philip focuses on emerging solutions along with workflow and regulatory differences for all Cerner solutions within Asia Pacific.  Philip works closely with a truly global team to ensure that new Cerner solutions will work for clients in our region while also ensuring that current solutions continue to meet client and regulatory expectations, both now and in the future.  In order to keep abreast on current trends, Philip engages with current clients via various Cerner forums, Significant Interest Groups (SIGs), and events; with potential future clients as part of tender and sales demonstration processes; and industry partners with industry groups and events including the Australian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH), the Medical Software Industry Association (MSIA), and Standards Australia. Philip has lived in Australia for over 10 years and serves as a board member of the MSIA and has been the industry representative for multiple working groups covering a variety of topics including Australian Standards, SNOMED CT AU, PBS, Cybersecurity and Cloud infrastructure, and TGA Regulation.


Philip joined Cerner in 2003 as an Integration Consultant / Delivery Consultant implementing Cerner’s acute care orders and documentation solutions. Prior to moving into the Solution Strategist role, he had over a decade of consulting experience in Cerner’s Acute Care, Critical Care, Medication Process and CPOE solutions having implemented these solutions with clients across 6 continents.  He also led a team implementing Cerner’s Critical Care outcomes solutions and CareAware Critical Care and Infusion Management solutions, including the initial testing partners.   Philip is a Certified Health Informatician of Australasia (CHIA) and previously held a Pharmacy Technician licensure.

Tania Oldaker


Tania has extensive business experience, specialising in the areas of commercial operations, strategic planning, P&L and people management. Tania has worked in small and large business’ and with some of Australia’s leading eHealth innovators and manufacturers who distributed product nationally and internationally. In the last 10 years she has focused in digital health transformation working closely with industry, designed solutions that have met the needs of clinicians and consumers and driven change through collaboration with vendors and government agencies. Head of Business Operations for the Hospitals and Health division at Telstra Health, she is a catalyst for change, methodical, meticulous, and introspective and is passionate about building and nurturing high performing teams; authentic, pragmatics and measured her approach..

James Neville

profile pic

As a pharmacist and the Partnerships Manager at Fred IT Group / eRx I have the privilege of working with a huge variety of vendors and other stakeholders every day. My role, together with my involvement in key projects such as Electronic Prescribing and Real Time Prescription Monitoring, has given me a deep understanding of what is important to the medical software industry in Australia. I would value the opportunity to contribute to MSIA’s ongoing advocacy, particularly around the benefits of a collaborative approach both across the industry and also with other stakeholders.

Deana Scott

Deana Scott20439 copy

I have over 30 years’ experience in the private healthcare sector, with over 20 of these as a business advisor, software trainer, and e-health advocate. I have founded and scaled two successful, digitally driven healthcare services, mentored health-tech start-ups, and gained unique and practical insights into the operational, financial and workforce challenges of designing, implementing and managing a digital health service.

I am deeply passionate about medical software, the impact it can have on operational efficiencies and in the delivery of safer, patient-centric care. I have a specific interest in interoperatibility, data integrity, cybersecurity and augmenting the healthcare workforce through Telehealth and AI platforms.

In 2007, I founded the Australia’s first private 'virtual medical office' service model leveraging early cloud, SIP and VOIP technology to support healthcare practitioners entering private practice. This was in response to clinicians beginning to poorly transition from paper to electronic records, the resulting fragmentation and the impact on financial and clinical record integrity.

I have recently completed a Grad Cert Health Informatics and undertaking a Masters in Health Services Management. I am a Public Practice Bookkeeper, Certified Practice Manager, BAS Agent and Health Informatician.

I am committed to representing and supporting the valued members of MSIA.