Code of Practice

All reputable professions are governed by a strong Code of Practice – and the medical software industry is no different.

The below Code of Practice is an agreement between the MSIA and its members (and other software professionals who subscribe to the Code), which sets out the minimum service standards that clients can expect from members. It also outlines how complaints and disputes regarding potential breaches of the Code can be resolved.

The Code aims to:

  • build professional competence in the medical software profession; and
  • increase consumer confidence in medical software professionals – and the role they play in the delivery of healthcare

The service standards outlined in the Code are also aimed to safeguard self-regulation of the industry.

The Code is overseen by the MSIA Executive and Governance committees.

MSIA Code of Practice

  • Member is committed to active involvement in the advancement of Medical Informatics as a profession and of the improvement of standards, quality, innovation and professionalism of the medical information management industry in Australia.
  • Each Member will conduct business in an ethical manner and always be supportive and encouraging of principles of honesty, service and customer focus in its staff actions.
  • Each Member recognises its responsibility to clients to maintain continuity of service and supply, and will endeavour to ensure this by acting in a way as not to threaten the financial viability of its organisation or the Australian medical software industry as a whole.
  • Each Member will provide a level of personnel resources dedicated to customer support in keeping with the demands and needs of the Australian medical software market.
  • Each Member recognises the privacy of the information contained in clients' computer systems and commits to institute policies and procedures to ensure that staff respect the privacy of all client data.
  • Each Member will make available comprehensive training in the utilisation of its software to its clients in keeping with the needs of the clients.
  • Representation of products and services in promotion, sales and advertising will be truthful and conform to standards set down by the Media Council of Australia "Advertising Code of Ethics". Each Member will avoid and discourage disparaging comments about competing organisations products in the market.
  • All development of software will be undertaken using current accepted standards of quality development techniques; in computer system and programming design, programming, testing and documentation.
  • Each Member will actively encourage and facilitate the professional skills and knowledge development of its staff.
  • Each Member will provide sound advice and assistance to prospective and present clients in its area of market and will ensure that its staff have the skills and resources to do so.
  • Each Member will ensure that its clients' investment in software licenses are protected by a software escrow arrangement.