The Medical Software Industry Association was incorporated in Australia in 1995, under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981.

With the increase in government Health Information Management initiatives such as Health Online, MSIA has become increasingly active in representing the interests of all healthcare software providers. It is representative on a range of forums, working groups and committees on behalf of its members, and has negotiated a range of important changes with government and other stakeholders. It has built a considerable profile with State and Commonwealth Health Departments and is now acknowledged as the official 'voice' for the industry.

MSIA Objectives

The Association represents the interests of the Australian commercial software industry which develops, supplies and services information management products and services for healthcare practitioners, healthcare service providers and healthcare organisations. Individuals, organisations or government agencies may be eligible for membership or honorary membership of the MSIA if they are able and willing to further the interests of the Australian commercial healthcare software industry.

The functions of the association are to include but not be confined to:

  • provide a collective and representative voice of the Members in discussions and negotiations with government, other associations and representative bodies, individuals and commercial companies.
  • provide a mechanism for other organizations and individuals to communicate effectively with the Members.
  • provide a means by which intelligence and information can be distributed to the Members.
  • provide a forum for effective cooperation by the Members in areas which will be mutually beneficial.

"The biggest benefit to belonging to MSIA as a pharmacy supplier is that we have the accumulated knowledge of all the tech partners in that space when working or negotiating with DoH and/or DHS around changes required to the PBS, CPA programs or other developments in pharmacy."