What gets us up to go to work each morning?

AUTHOR: Margie Peat, RxOne

What gets us up to go to work each morning? Recently I was reminded of one of those business relationships that produced results that were of benefit to all in the triangle – patient, pharmacist and software provider. The government leader responsible for oversight of this particular series of projects commented “Didn’t we get some things done?” And we certainly did.

She lubricated the wheels (smoothed over the wrinkles/bumps) to ensure the project was always on target and all parties were able to progress with as few obstacles as possible.

So (what’s the formula for) a productive business interaction?

As a starting point it takes special people with focus, determination and a shared set of goals to ensure success.

Then there’s decisiveness. The ability (and the courage) to make decisions quickly so everyone can move along without delays. Responsiveness to remove barriers to ensure that happens

A genuine willingness to work in collaboration and agility by all parties to make the project work. The barriers of excessive administration are removed so the project moves quickly enough that milestones are achieved in foreseeable periods.

Could the ADHA My Health Record project between software partners and the government agency be transformed into one of these projects that delivers benefit

  • to patients so they or their carers can take control of their health,
  • to government through process efficiencies, and new services at lower costs
  • to the software partners through streamlined specification, design, build, deploy and maintenance processes.

This relationship had a bumpy start and has not been implemented in the way we might have liked but can we change attitudes and start to make small wins for all concerned? There are encouraging signs that there is a willingness by all parties to make this project a success. We recently completed the integration of the My Health Record into our software and we have been impressed with and appreciate the offers of help by the agency to ensure we got it over the line and can now to deploy the new functionality to our pharmacies.

New Zealand is now planning a new electronic health record and I have some recommendations to make: keep things simple and outcome focussed, engage the health tech industry as a partner, encourage innovation and a collaboration and not try to be a “one size fits all”. Above all communicate, communicate, communicate.

In the meantime let’s get on and make the important components work well together. For pharmacy the ability to see Discharge summaries, allergies and medication dispensed at other pharmacies will be a big plus.

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